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The smart factory | © DFKI Source: The smart factory | © DFKI INDUSTRIE 4.0 opens the door to an age of “smart industry” in which people, devices, objects, and systems combine to form dynamic, self-organizing networks of production.

Decentralized intelligence helps create intelligent object networking and independent process management, with the interaction of the real and virtual worlds representing a crucial new aspect of the manufacturing and production process.

INDUSTRIE 4.0 represents a paradigm shift from "centralized" to "decentralized" production - made possible by technological advances which constitute a reversal of conventional production process logic. Simply put, this means that industrial production machinery no longer simply “processes” the product, but that the product communicates with the machinery to tell it exactly what to do.

Highly individualized, low-volume, real-time production becomes the norm as new industrial assistant systems allow new forms of machine-human production in a changing industry landscape.

INDUSTRIE 4.0 connects innovative embedded system production technologies and smart production processes to pave the way to a new industrial age which will radically transform industry and production value chains and business models in tomorrow’s smart factories.


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